Private Residence Near Vilnius

The clients – a mature couple, owners of a successful information technology business – tasked Radiant Partners team with designing an exceptional private residence equally suitable for cozy, luxurious private living and for entertaining guests.

Style-wise, the clients wanted a residence that would feel traditional but with a twist of modernity. Emphasis was put on the client’s desire to employ energy-efficient passive house technologies.

Inspired by the natural beauty of the site and responding to client requirements, our team designed a brightly-lit, spacious structure with abundance of glass-walls offering uninterrupted views to the picturesque lake nearby, and comprised of two wings – one containing the living room, kitchen and bedrooms of the owners, and the other dedicated to leisure and entertainment. Sandstone finish was used for facades, which together with pitched roof gave the house a touch of traditional aesthetic, balancing out the modernity of glass walls.

Private Residence Near Vilnius

Geothermal heating system and heat recovery ventilation system were integrated in the design, and separate heating installations were implemented for each of the two wings, based on premise that the leisure/entertainment wing would be used less frequently and thus could benefit from independent temperature control.

Private Residence Near Vilnius

Total area: 297 sq m. Floors: 1.
Construction scheduled to finish in 2014.

Update: August 2014

Construction almost completed, just waiting for exterior finishes to be added:

Residential building near Vilnius - Radiant Architects - construction almost completed.

Residential building near Vilnius - Radiant Architects - construction almost completed - interior view.