Green Hall 2 office building in VilniusRadiant Partners team led by Sigita Norviliūtė was awarded 2nd prize in an open competition for designing Green Hall 2 office building in Vilnius city center.

The competition was organized by SBA Concern, owner of the existing Green Hall office building right next to the site of Green Hall 2. The competition jury included architects Gintautas Blažiūnas, Artūras Blotnys and Audrys Karalius as well as SBA Concern representatives.

As envisioned by Radiant Partners team, Green Hall 2 building has been designed to occupy the southwestern part of the lot next to the existing Green Hall building’s underground parking. To achieve maximum utilization of the land lot, the Green Hall 2 configuration has been adapted to the lot’s building restrictions and the existing underground parking. Extra care has been taken to ensure that operation of existing nearby buildings would not be interrupted during the construction of the new office building.

Main entrance to Green Hall 2 has been positioned from Upe street side, with the terrace intended to serve as an outdoor cafe during summertime. Secondary entrances were designed from Moksleiviu street and from the existing Green Hall overground parking lot.  An automated underground car parking with enough capacity to accommodate 174 cars and additional 28 overland car parking spaces have been included.

Green Hall 2 office building in Vilnius, Lithuania

The building’s atrium extends vertically to the 8th floor and serves two purposes: it allows natural daylight to flow into office spaces through glass planes integrated in the roof and side facades, and also facilitates the “stack effect”, driving natural airflow and reducing energy consumption required for mechanical ventilation.

Green Hall 2 office building in Vilnius

A 60-seat restaurant space has been integrated in the 1st floor, while the higher floors will be accommodating offices, with the highest 8th floor dedicated for a conference hall and meeting rooms. It is also possible to build another restaurant with panoramic Vilnius city views on the top level.

Green Hall 2 office building - interior 1st and 8th floors

Geothermal heating, rainwater collection, roof solar collectors, automated window blinds, automated underground parking system all contribute to further reductions of Green Hall 2 building’s energy consumption and environmental footprint.

Green Hall 2 office building in Vilnius - riverside view

To maximize capacity of the underground parking designed under well defined restrictions, implementation of an automated parking system has been envisioned. Arriving at the building, Green Hall’s occupants and guests would be driving directly into automated parking system’s terminal, leaving the car there and retrieving a ticket from the terminal computer. The system would then lower the car via special lift into an unoccupied parking space in the underground parking. Upon departure, a person would insert the ticket into the terminal, trigerring retrieval of the car.